Soirée à l'Atelier, 30 janvier 2014

Voici le courriel que j'ai fait parvenir au Chef Lépine le lendemain des agapes à son restaurant :

Dear Chef Lépine,

Lucie Dion, my spouse, returned to the house last evening, so excited about her Chaîne dinner at your restaurant, I had difficulty to cool her off while she was recounting her superb gastronomical experience. This after-noon I saw Marie-Ève Coupal, our Vice-Chancelière, and she was just as excited. Then I looked at the photos that had been taken, and I too was amazed by those superb dishes. What originality! What refinement! What elegance! What imagination! Truly, each dish was a painting... and to top it off, a balloon for everyone!

I congratulate you for having thrilled your guests. You will be able to see the photos on our Bailliage's website. Don't go just yet because I have not finished making a choice of the best pictures. This should be completed in the next few days.

Thanks to you and your crew for this superb and memorable evening. Thanks for the very professional and attentive service at the tables, including the elegant Sommelier service of the wines. As I understand it, the wine pairing was impeccable I hope that we can count on a future evening at you restaurant in the next year.

I salute all of you…and envy my Chevalier colleagues who were there, while I was eating an apple and drinking tea at home!!

Cheers! and my best go the crew.

Est-il nécessaire d'en dire plus long?

Le Bailli

Pierre Delage
Gatineau ce 1er février 2014.

Pour visionner les photos de la soirée, suivez le lien Photos du 30 janvier 2014